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SANJIT Corporation is a firm incorporated to provide latest technologies and customized solutions in the field of Epoxy & PU flooring and Energy Saving with an objective of customer satisfaction first and belief in win-win approach.


SANJIT Corporation is an associated representative of QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES for GUJARAT which is a renowned name in the field of Epoxy & PU Flooring having vast experience, expertise and many reputed client base of Industry all over the country.

We are equipped with the latest technologies to provide quality Epoxy & PU flooring solutions with constant endeavour to customize solutions to specific requirement has always been a corner stone of business policy. We proved our core-competence in epoxy applications on most challenging floors all over the country.  SANJIT Corporation appreciates business opportunity provided by an organisation and will strive to achieve its primary objective of customer satisfaction first.


At SANJIT Corporation we believe that in today's world of intense competition it has become imperative to become cost competitive. SANJIT Corporation can be of assist to an organisation in achieving above objective to some extent through optimization of organisation's expenses on consumption of energy/power. This can be accomplish by monitoring, measuring, analysing, controlling and improving efficiency of equipments which eliminates wastage of energy/power and thus helps an organisation to reduce its expenses on electricity bill. This will also help an organisation to conserve scarce energy resource and supports organisations efforts to save energy and move towards SUSTAINABLE future.

To achieve its own organisational objective as well as to meet purpose of its existence as cited above,SANJIT Corporation represents best available patented/specialized performance proven products and solutions in the field of energy conservation at a competitive price which provides quick payback period and attractive return of investment.


News Board

  1. Secured Big Order for Epoxy flooring work from client based in Gandhidham & Kim.
  2. Demo completed successfully for AC Energy Saver at few Industrial Establishments with minimum saving of 25%.

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